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July 26, 2007
Why do you come back to visit JayceLand regularly?
I like reading the blog. 0

I like the events calendar. 0

I like the blog and the events calendar. 3 (50%)

I don't visit JayceLand regularly. 0

I am Ali. 2 (33%)

I like to pretend I'm Ali. 1 (17%)

I'm Jayce's Parent/Sibling. 0

May 10, 2007
Who is more valuable?
A Nobel prize-winning illegal immigrant. 4 (100%)

A homeless drug user who was born in the United States. 0

March 15, 2007
What do you think of the new switch-dates for Daylight Saving Time?
It's wonderful being able to save so much more daylight. 0

My energy bills have dropped considerably. 0

I very much enjoy another reason to buy a new computer. 0

As a practicing traditionalist, I observe the original switch-dates. 0

The short amount of daylight we receive is clearly the fault of the time-of-day. 0

i poop at all times of day 2 (100%)

November 30, 2006
When you meet a stranger, how do you react (what you think, not what you think they think)?
I treat them civilly until they give me reason to do otherwise. 2 (67%)

I take advantage of them. 0

meat spin 1 (33%)

November 16, 2006
What do you think of a child-sized sex doll?
It would be a great way to find child molestors so they could be executed. 0

It would be a great way to find child molestors so they could be treated. 0

It is an evil thought and a horrific idea. 0

It might give child molestors an outlet instead of having sex with real children. 0

It would be important to find out if it made child molestors more or less likely to molest children. 0

It might be a useful tool in therapy. 1 (100%)

April 27, 2006
The phrase, "I am in a monogamous relationship" is most similar to:
I made a commitment to date only one person. 3 (75%)

I am currently dating only one person. 1 (25%)

April 20, 2006
Which is more powerful?
love 2 (50%)

hate 2 (50%)

March 30, 2006
When did Frank De Blase jump the shark?
When he became music reviewer for The City. 0

When he quit the Flattops. 1 (11%)

When The City didn't cover the opening of his photography at the Bug Jar. 2 (22%)

When The City let him write about something other than music. 1 (11%)

When he hosted the Saints and Sinners show at TiLT. 0

When he became the subject of a poll on JayceLand. 0

He still hasn't "jumped the shark". 2 (22%)

He continues to hover mid-jump somehow. 2 (22%)

When he was born 1 (11%)

March 23, 2006
You have the opportunity to transform an ordinary adolescent into a superhero. What's first on your mind?
Start with regular steroids, give those steroids steroids of their own, then feed the super steroids to the kid. 0

Multiplication tables. Instantaneous calculation of an product of two digits between 0 and 9 is critical. Maybe up to 12 would be a better idea. 1 (25%)

Absolute subservience to my whims. I'm going to be top dog no matter what. 0

I sure hope it's a chick because that would be hot. 3 (75%)

Sewing up some super tight costume — I mean, if they're going to be a super-hero, it better be super-tight. 0

Avoiding getting sued by Stan Lee like last time when I had to cut off four of the kid's fingers to avoid copyright violation. 0

February 23, 2006
What are you giving up for Lent?
hope 1 (14%)

I'm giving up on life. 0

Christ 0

faith 0

crystal meth 1 (14%)

refraining from shooting heathens 3 (43%)

Lent 2 (29%)

January 12, 2006
So, what do you do?
Breathe, drink, pee, eat, poop. Fuck if I'm lucky. The usual. 2 (40%)

Work in some thankless job for the great promise of something better tomorrow. 0

Mu. 1 (20%)

Whatever I damn well please. 1 (20%)

Presently, selecting this answer in a survey. Why do you ask? 1 (20%)

December 29, 2005
So how was Christmas?
I had a regular "American Christmas" and it was great. 1 (12%)

I had a regular "American Christmas" and I say it was great, but it was actually terribly hollow and unhappy. 1 (12%)

I had a regular "American Christmas" and it was okay. 2 (25%)

I had a regular "American Christmas" and it sucked. 0

I'm Jewish, you insensitive schmuck. 1 (12%)

I didn't do anything and it was great. 1 (12%)

I didn't do anything and it wasn't great. 1 (12%)

I had a regular American Christmas and made my mom sad by denouncing our church! 1 (12%)

December 15, 2005
What did Jesus buy at Wal-Mart?
bottled water 0

Coppertone SPF 30 sunblock 0

Stanley Tools Claw Nail Puller 2 (50%)

Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray 0

A wide selection of Happy Holiday cards 2 (50%)

November 10, 2005
Are you lusting after me?
Pffft ... NO! 1 (33%)

No. 0

Ask again later. 0

Yes. 0

Yessss! 2 (67%)

June 30, 2005
What's the worst song to get stuck in your head?
"Lost in Love" by Air Supply 0

"This is the Theme to Garry's Show," the theme song to "It's Garry Shandling's Show" 1 (17%)

Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" ... er ... I mean, "Wild Thing" ... no, wait ... the "Wild Thing/Funky Cold Medina" bastardized medley thing ... aaaaargh! 1 (17%)

"Pop Goes the World" by Men Without Hats — fuck you, Canada ... every little miss doesn't need a bird. 0

Take a chance, take a chance on Abba's "Take a Chance On Me." 0

"K-Tel Rock Star" by the Badenovs. 0

Barenaked Ladies in "The Old Apartment." 2 (33%)

The Blackouts' "Jimmy Vandino." 0

Dancing, romancing sure takes its toll on my soul — "Disco Barry" by SNMNMNM 0

Pissing "The Malt Liquor Song" by The Sluts out your ass. 0

Fuck ... I can't stop the Go-Go's' "Can't Stop the World." 0

Yeah ... I'm so cool, I'm so deep, I write "Anti-Fake" in my sleep by The Goonies. 0

"Pretend to Be Nice" off the "Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack" [especially for you, Sara.] 0

"Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega in fucking hell! 0

The Utah Saints' "Theme from Mortal Kombat" — fight. 0

"Telephone" by The Blastoffs is driving me fucking crazy. 0

"Voices Carry" by Til' Tuesday, so shut the fuck up. 0

Andre 3000's "Hey Ya!" because you never really listened to the lyrics. 0

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin ... and, yeah, that's Christopher Reeves and Robin Williams in the video. 0

You can't jam "This Transmission" from Eddie Nebula and the Plague. 0

The Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town." 0

JoAnn Vaccaro's best ballad fucking ever, "My Memory. 0

"Bittersweet Grand Canyon," the second best balled fucking ever by Kirsten Jones 0

Leonard Cohen's "Closing Time" [just for you, Ann.] 0

The Loonies' "VMS: Just Say No" [just for you, nerdy college friends in Tab's room on that night at RIT.] 0

"Silver Car" by Manplanet — with that cocaine feel. 0

I got drunk last night and I got in a fight, but now I'm all right ... "Got Kissed" by The Purrs. 0

Nena's "99 Luftballons" and/or Nena's "99 Red Balloons" for you American pop asswipes. 0

Ristrocket's "Child of the '80's" for you American pop asswipes. 0

"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by freakshow twins The Proclaimers. 0

Rockstars' "Slug." My sucicide mind is ill. 0

It hit her like Fake Brain's "A Ton of Pillows." I don't know why: I really don't. 0

"Binary Girl" by the Mathematicians ... not logical ... 0h, 0h, 0h. 1 (17%)

Slow way down; gather up your things you need for Adult Rodeo's "Monticello." 0

Any of these: thanks a lot for the cacophony, asshole! 1 (17%)

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